Life can sometimes seem overwhelming. If you're not sure where to turn, we're here for you. We help people through rough times in their lives. If something's important to you, it's important to us. We're here to listen.

We provide crisis intervention, suicide prevention, rape survivor advocacy, and information and referral, 24/7.

Everyone has the right to be listened to without judgment or criticism. You can talk and know we listen with respect and confidentiality. We believe everyone has the capacity to resolve their own problems with support.

Crisis Center Numbers

Crisis Line: 765-742-0244 

Toll-free Crisis Line:  877-419-1632

Rape Survivor Advocacy:  765-742-0244

Teen Line:  765-423-1872

Information and Referral:  765-423-2255

Crisis Center Services

Crisis Intervention

Rape Survivor Advocacy

Suicide Prevention/Intervention

Teen Line

Walk-in services available during MHA office hours, 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.

Crisis Center Volunteering

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Training

Volunteer Responsibilities

We're available to help in whatever language is best for you. 
Call 765-423-1872.
Estamos disponibles para ayudar en cualquier idioma que es mejor para usted.
Llame al 765-423-1872. 
You can also reach us by calling toll free:

What's New

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    Most people spend the majority of their waking hours working. During those long hours, the office setting either promotes good mental health or contributes to poor emotional well-being. Despite the large role that office culture plays in employee well-being, most companies rarely – if ever – mention the subject of mental health.

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  • MHA confirms homeless shelter closure date


    Author: Mikel Livingston

    Clients and other homeless support agencies have waited the better part of a year, watching to see when the closure date would be solidified and discussing how the pending closure of the city's only day shelter would impact their programs. The change means a longer trek between homeless clients who move on foot between the day and night shelters. That's problematic for elderly clients or those with physical disabilities that now must walk about one mile up-hill to reach transitional housing. (continued...)

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