Rape Survivor Advocates help those who have been sexually assaulted. Please call us at 742-0244.

How to Reach a Rape Survivor Advocate

When you call, the Crisis Intervention Specialist will listen, and will then contact the rape survivor advocate who is on-call. The advocate will then call you and make arrangements to meet at the hospital, police station, courthouse, or MHA Crisis Center.

Rape Survivors Advocacy 

Sexual assault is like no other crime. Rape involves personal and intimate violation and is one of the most terrifying, humiliating, and traumatic experiences a person may ever face.

Remembering and reporting rape is frightening, and individual reactions will vary. You aren't alone. Rape Survivor Advocates are specially trained Crisis Center volunteers who provide support to survivors of rape and sexual assault in Tippecanoe County. They help survivors through the difficult process of reporting a rape; they also provide advocacy, crisis intervention, information on rape recovery, and referrals for counseling and support groups. Rape Survivor Advocates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to accompany rape survivors to the emergency room, police department, and courtroom. Advocates will also meet with survivors at the Crisis Center. Services are free and confidential.  

Family & Friends of Survivors

It can be difficult for family and friends to understand and help someone who has been raped. Crisis Center volunteers are available 24 hours a day to talk with family and friends of rape survivors, as well as with the survivors themselves.

We're available to help in whatever language is best for you. 
Call 765-423-1872.
Estamos disponibles para ayudar en cualquier idioma que es mejor para usted.
Llame al 765-423-1872. 
You can also reach us by calling toll free:

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